in the heart of Europe. Alps-Adriatic-transport hub

Carinthia in the heart of Europe is the perfect location for your expansion. There are 8 airports located within 30 minutes to 3 hours´ to connect you to all the international airports in and around Austria. Villach, the second biggest city in Carinthia, is situated at the intersection of two important European transport axes - the Baltic-Adriatic-axis and the Tauern-axis.

Next to Villach you find the logistic center Austria in Fürnitz, a train-logistic-center in cooperation with the ÖBB.
Carinthia is a landlocked country, but with the nearby ports of Trieste (ITA) and Koper (SLO), the region has great and fast connections to nearby ports.


Carinthia has a small but innovative industrial sector. Our strongest industries are (micro-) electronics, information and communication technology, machine building/engineering, plastics, renewable energy/environmental technology and tourism. The Carinthian government promotes cooperation arrangements between the education sector, research institutions and industry to support Carinthian flagship projects. BABEG is the first and official point of contact for all foreign companies interested in setting up or expanding their business in Carinthia.

workforce. people make the difference.

Usually 9 years´ school education is mandatory for all children in Austria. After that, they can choose between specialized senior high schools (such as secondary schools for business administration and technical engineering, with focus on digitalization, engineering,etc. for example….), normal high schools (Gymnasium) or an apprenticeship leading to a diploma.

A diploma enables enrollment at the Alpen-Adria-University in Klagenfurt or the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences (FH Kärnten).

In Carinthia we have very strong and efficient cooperation arrangements between secondary technical vocational colleges (HTL), industry and innovative companies. The dual education system in the technical academies encourages such cooperation models. Students become involved with companies while still in education through internships and special projects, so companies have good connections with future employees.


Carinthia is a good place for future-oriented innovators and researchers. Six non-university research facilities namely CTR (Carinthian Tech Research), Joanneum Research Robotics, Lakeside Labs, W3C Wood & Paper Surface Technologies, the Josef Ressel Research Center and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) are located in Carinthia.

live.where others go on vacation

Carinthia is a wonderful country of lakes and mountains. 1270 crystal-clear lakes covering an area of of 60.000m2 offer perfect leisure options in both summer and winter (hiking, skiing, ski touring, mountain biking, paragliding, trekking, climbing, sailing & surfing, swimming, fishing, etc.…).

Carinthia is well known for its high living standard, modern health-system, social and legal stability, open minded culture, competitive costs of living and a good education system including for international requirements.