LIVE in Villach

Are you a business owner looking for a great location to expand your business? Then Villach is the right place for you, because we offer the ideal combination of factors that are crucial for economic success. Our city is located on major transport routes in the heart of Europe, and is well-known for its swift and reliable way of dealing with administrative procedures. The top-class educational and training facilities ensure that young people here not only live up to the demanding needs of business but are also prepared to take on leading roles. Villach has earned itself an international reputation as a family-friendly city, which embodies a strong commitment to sustainability and is a peaceful place where people from many different countries have made their home.

The billion-euro investment by Infineon marks a new high point in Villach’s consistent route to becoming the leading high-tech city in the Alps-Adriatic region. We are prepared to convince you of Villach’s benefits as an ideal business location, an innovative research hub and an outstanding place to live. We look forward to warmly welcoming every one of you to our city.

Günther Albel,


LIVE.where others go on a vacation.

Due to its particular geographic location and the outstanding natural beauty of the region, Villach and the whole province of Carinthia have for generations been popular holiday destinations for people from all over the world. The unique landscape, combining mountains and valleys, lakes and rivers, city and countryside, draws hundreds of thousands of people to the region every year. No matter what season it is, fun, relaxation and inspiration are around every corner. At the same time, the diverse and pristine environment also makes Villach an extraordinary place to live for all those who call this region home. While the city’s population enjoys an above-average prosperity level and comprehensive social benefits, living in Villach proves surprisingly affordable when compared to many other international destinations. So it’s no surprise that the city on the Drau is considered the “home of work-life balance.”

WORKING.where future is made.

The region excels in blending tradition, a cosmopolitan mindset and a high quality of life with the perks offered by an innovative business location. International companies and their highly qualified employees have always played key roles in Villach’s success story. Villach has developed into a high-technology location and is home to a diverse portfolio of businesses from a wide array of industries. Whether old or new economy, industrial, trade, service or crafts companies: all of them are always on the lookout for new talent. New arrivals can rely on support services ranging from assistance in administrative issues to job hunting for their partner or childcare facilities, which help them settle into their new home. Furthermore start-up initiatives such as the build! business incubator or the Smart Lab Carinthia, both located in the Villach Technology Park, offer ideal starting conditions for entrepreneurs.

PLAYING.enjoying and coming to life.

In Villach you are also spoilt for choice when it comes to nature, entertainment, culture and fine cuisine. While the short distances to many European towns and sights certainly add to Villach’s appeal, the city’s immediate surroundings offer a myriad of spare time activities. The region has been among the most popular vacation destinations in Central Europe for more than a century, attracting visitors with a high-class mixture of history, nature and adventure. Especially sports enthusiasts and nature lovers will find the greater Villach area to be heaven on earth. From swimming and cycling in summer to skiing and snowshoe hiking in winter, each season seems to offer an endless variety of activities suitable for both the young and the young at heart. Culture aficionados will not be disappointed either: they can explore the eventful history of Europe at countless historic sites, stroll through museums and galleries or choose from a wide selection of events.

LEARNING.with fun and purpose.

As a city of artists, researchers, inventors and developers, Villach offers (lifelong) learning opportunities to people of all ages. More than 240 preschools, close to 100 primary schools and many different (specialized) secondary schools in the greater Villach area offer a wide array of educational care to the youngest citizens. At about age 14, young people can choose from a wide range of vocational schools and schools for higher vocational education with a technical, commercial or social focus in and around Villach. Austria is the only country in Europe offering this unique combination of vocational and academic training at pre-university level that produces young graduates who are ideally prepared for their future careers. Finally, the Alpen-Adria- Universität Klagenfurt (AAU), the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) and the University College of Teacher Education Carinthia (PH) as well as a number of further well-known universities in the region and in neighboring Italy and Slovenia offer graduate and post-graduate programs. The country’s research institutions, in turn, provide attractive opportunities to conduct research in a vast array of fields.